Global Charities Offering Maharishi's Programmes

More than 100 countries

Charities in more than 100 countries worldwide are offering Maharishi's programmes.

These charities, liaising with other like-minded organisations and charities such as the David Lynch Foundation are bringing about remarkable changes in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Worldwide, tens of thousands of the most vulnerable young people have learned Transcendental Meditation through various grants. The benefits are wide-ranging and include reduction in stress and stress-related disorders, reduced substance abuse, reduced anxiety, hyperactivity, and emotional problems, increased learning ability, improved memory and improved academic performance.

Working with other agencies and fund raising

Regular consultations with education, health-care, business and other professionals are organised to plan the implementation of the Charity's services in different areas of society. For example, it promotes Consciousness-Based Education - a scientifically validated programme to eliminate stress and promote academic excellence amongst students and teachers - widely throughout the UK in schools.

Fund raising, through appeals for donors, is undertaken by the Charity to enable it to support the implementation of Maharishi's programmes in areas of special need. The Charity will also consider applications for scholarships for those on low incomes.

Global Outreach

Other global outreach programmes are having similarly inspiring results:

  • work with the homeless
  • prison programmes to reduce recidivism
  • war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • traumatised women and girls