Maharishi Foundation UK

UK charity

Maharishi Foundation, a registered educational charity, aims to provide education for the public to develop their full mental and creative potential, through courses including Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques. No other organisation in the UK offers courses in Transcendental Meditation, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. More>>

Our founder

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is best known for the revival of the simple, non-religious, scientifically verified technique of Transcendental Meditation. The knowledge of Transcendental Meditation has, for centuries, been preserved by the Vedic tradition of India, the world's oldest tradition of knowledge. Maharishi received the technique from his teacher with whom he studied for many years, before inaugurating a worldwide organisation in 1957 to make the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation available around the world. More>>

Upcoming Events

Maharishi Foundation, from time to time, hosts special events in the UK, for the public and for specialist audiences.

On 25 June 2105, Dr Norman Rosenthal best-selling author, scientist and popular speaker on Transcendental Meditation will be returning to address a public audience in London on the growth of consciousness that takes place with the practice of Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Foundation. Entitled "From Transcendence to Cosmic Consciousness", tickets for this event are available online.

In October 2013, Professor Tony Nader, MD PhD, addressed practitioners of Transcendental Meditation both in London and in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Dr Nader is the leader of Maharishi's worldwide organisation as well as a esteemed neuroscientist. He will speak on the subject of his latest book: "Ramayan in Human Physiology" . See archive for details.

In October 2012, emminent psychiatrist and researcher, Dr Norman Rosenthal, addressed a wide variety of audiences in London on the subjects of his best selling books, recently updated and re-released in the UK: "Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation" and "Winter Blues – Everything you need to know to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder". See archive for details.

See Upcoming Events for all future courses, workshops, and talks.

Charities worldwide

A number of related non-profit educational organisations in more than 100 countries are working to create a new era of peace, progress and prosperity in the world. More>>

Our trustees

The Trustees of Maharishi Foundation take their responsibilities very seriously. There are regular reviews by the Trustees of all aspects of the Charity and its subsidiaries. More>>